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Fastrack Organisational Growth

Option One : The Organisational System
Option Two : Personnel Development
Option Three : Management of Core Activities


The options outlined below introduce the techniques by which a rapidly expanding organisation can bring structure and consistency to act as a foundation for growth. It would be necessary to preface each of these options with an analysis of the organisation as it currently operates and to gain understanding of future plans and strategic goals.

The analysis takes the form of an audit of the operational structure and systems against the organisational model attached. This will determine the strengths and areas for improvement in accordance with the focus of the option chosen.

Option One: The Organisational System

Taking the systems view must, by definition, take account of the organisation as a whole. This holistic perspective demands a more comprehensive analysis and results in a similarly comprehensive representation of how the organisation operates, interacts and its reason for being. Accordingly, the organisation would be closely mapped to the organisational model attached, with this providing an understanding of each element of the company and a clear method of communicating this understanding.

Adopting a systems approach would involve (as a minimum) definition of the following elements:

  • The objectives as recorded in the Business Plan, and how these objectives are achieved
  • The resources required, what these resources are required to do and how this information is communicated
  • The customer and how the organisation interacts with this customer - leading to the development of a supply management system and definition of service level agreements

Anticipated Deliverables

This type of analysis is particularly helpful where there is a requirement to communicate and develop the ethos and structure of the organisation. It would provide:

  • An organisational structure
  • A mission statement
  • Objectives that pervade the organisation and which are reflected by personnel objectives
  • A definition of the organisationís customer
  • Defined service levels

The identification of operational and support procedures necessary to meet this level of service

Option Two: Personnel Development

To many organisations the resource base is the foundation for success and growth. Within these organisations there tends to be a focus on a personnel development programme that aligns the resource base with the organisation's resourcing requirements and strategic goals. Such a programme would include the following:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Performance management
  • Resource pool management
  • Appraisal system

This approach would focus on the people element of the attached organisational model and embed the structure that supports staff development and effects management of this development.

Anticipated Deliverables

  • A match between the organisationís skills requirement and resource base
  • A more systematic approach to resource allocation
  • An induction process to ensure new staff achieve maximum productivity as soon as possible
  • An appraisal mechanism suited to analysing the development needs of staff

Option Three: Management of Core Activities

The organisation's core activities are those processes that relate directly to its reason for being. The model attached places considerable emphasis on understanding these activities, managing them and communicating them effectively. This can be key to focusing resources and achieving organisational objectives. Mapping 'best practice' and implementing performance measurement mechanisms are two key elements of this. Such an approach also provides the structure for managing change within these activities thereby effecting more directed influence over core activities.

Anticipated Deliverables

  • Identification of the organisationís core processes
  • Standardised procedure map of these processes - relating to a Quality Management System, as necessary
  • A structure for managing these processes - particularly with regard to implementing change

Organisational Growth Model

Organisational Growth Model

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