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What is IT Due Diligence?

IT Due Diligence (ITDD®) is designed to complement and enhance the legal and financial due diligence practices that are currently undertaken for:

  • MBO's
  • MBI's
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Issues
  • Flotations
  • Reconstruction
  • Asset Disposals

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In the UK, over the past 12 months, there were in excess of 5000 registered deals of this nature, the vast majority of which involved little or no identification of IT exposure prior to the deal being struck. It is therefore no coincidence that over 70% of these failed to deliver their required and expected results.

ITDD®, developed by H.D. Management, reveals IT exposure by identifying the implications of hidden costs (e.g. systems integrity/Euro compliance), the realisation of qualitative IT asset resource and the on-going operational value.

By working in tandem with legal and financial due diligence, this product creates a competitive advantage for professionals and their clients. Not only does ITDD® provide an independent, realistic evaluation of the IT exposure, it will also help validate the deal.

As IT is often central to the processes and administration of a business, it is essential to expose the IT risks before a deal is struck, for only then can a client make an informed decision on a bid.

How can ITDD® help you?

In addition to establishing a comprehensive implementation strategy, ITDD® will:

  • Provide a realistic evaluation of the IT exposure
  • Improve forecasting and knowledge management
  • Validate the deal

What is H.D. Management's ITDD® unit?

H.D. Management's IT Due Diligence unit is a dedicated team, encompassing a wide range of expertise. This was born out of our extensive process management and IT consultancy services developed over a number of years within blue-chip organisations.

The unit is comprised of a core team which is on standby to respond to client requirements within the shortest possible time. The core team is supported by a network of associates whose individual skills cover all aspects of Information Technology.

What is the ITDD® process?

The process involved in identifying IT exposure is bespoke to client requirements, but would normally include:

  • A strategic diagnostics audit
  • A risk assessment of embedded systems
  • Structured methods to identify current strengths and weaknesses
  • An evaluation of synergies, gap and duplication analysis
  • The development of project strategy
  • Process management of inventories, resources, procurement, time management, special skills, training, etc
  • Process mapping and IT rationalisation
  • Systems integrity/Euro compliance
  • Post implementation strategies

The ITDD® Method

the ITDD method

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