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OPM | Outsourcing | Life-Cycle Modelling

What is Organisational and Process Mapping?

Organisational and Process Mapping (OPM) is the technique of looking at a company's structure and associated functions from a strategic, objective-driven viewpoint. Its utility as a change management tool is that it provides an holistic perspective which identifies the optimal divisional focus and highlights cultural barriers to change.

What is H.D. Management's approach to OPM?

With a team of senior consultants, H.D. Management would undertake interviews with key staff throughout the organisation and review organisation structures and objective statements. Applying knowledge of best practice and an holistic perspective of the analysis, the team would map the organisation.

How can OPM help you?

The deliverables from this service include an organisational map that would better facilitate achievement of objectives. This would form part of a report detailing how best to redress cultural barriers to change and showing how the organisational processes could be more appropriate ensuring more effective interfaces.

In short, OPM will identify significant cost savings across an organisation by improving its internal efficiency and communication channels.

Why should you consider Outsourcing?

Recognising the effectiveness of outsourcing, many organisations are gaining considerable competitive advantage by restructuring to concentrate on core business activities. Outsourcing non-key functions to expert providers allows for organisation-wide focus on efficient operations and can have a major positive cultural impact. However, effecting such an alliance can draw management focus away from pursing the goals they originally highlighted as justification for outsourcing, at a very critical juncture.

How do H.D. Management project manage outsourcing?

H.D. Management has the functionality to manage the outsourcing process. Providing expertise in defining the working relationship and establishing the requisite processes and controls, H.D. Management can also develop supplementary documentation. This includes the service specification and any Service Level Agreements required. These are produced following a process gap analysis carried out to ensure a comprehensive, end-to-end service.

What benefits does involving H.D. Management offer you?

The effective project management of outsourcing:

Why use Life-Cycle Modelling?

The successful implementation of a project is dependent upon the methodology used. Many projects fail to deliver as expected because an inappropriate Life-Cycle model is applied. The symptoms include budgetary problems, poor accountability and missed delivery dates. Life-Cycle modelling is the technique developed to redress these issues, bringing divisional focus and improved performance throughout the life of the project.

What is H.D. Management's approach to Life-Cycle Modelling?

H.D. Management would review current practices within the project or development environment, taking particular note of interfaces and dependencies. In addition, H.D. Management would conduct in-depth interviews with Project Managers and support functions. The combination of these activities would enable the identification of an appropriate Life-Cycle model. It is then vital to redraft procedures and adapt control and support functions in order that projects are delivered effectively and efficiently.

What are the benefits of Life-Cycle Modelling?

The identification and implementation of an applicable Life-Cycle model on projects will provide:

  • A more focused project environment
  • Greater consistency of approach
  • Better communications channels
  • Accurate budgeting
  • Opportunity to gather performance metrics
  • Projects delivered on time

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